Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy

Our well laid down ‘Privacy Policy’ clearly defines that we collect personal information and data of customers, in order to provide seamless services, and we do NOT share any of your personal details with a third party, whatsoever. We treat them as ‘utmost personal’, thereby maintaining the sanctity and integrity. We understand the importance of your privacy, and therefore take care of your personal data, just like you do. As you’ve entrusted your faith in us, we rightfully stand up to your expectations.

We’re fully committed to protect the privacy of your personal data, be it of any nature. It is a legally binding agreement between ‘You’ and ‘Paragliding Billing Bir’ regarding the type of data being collected for usage, the purpose and method of collection, and how we ensure its privacy.

In our privacy statement, we clearly mention how we collect and use personal information, and thereafter maintain the highest level of security, while we process them. We use a Secure Server, wherein all the sensitive information is transmitted via SSL technology, and thereafter encrypted in our Payment Gateway database. Thus, only the authorized individuals are provided with special access to any data.

Most importantly, we do NOT sell, trade, reveal or exchange any personal data to any third-party. If in the future, we decide to revise our privacy policy, we will update you about the same. By using our website, you give consent to our privacy policy.